Before Stonewall UK

Some of the early gay organisations

The two main gay right groups of the late sixties and early seventies was The Campaign for Homosexual Equality(CHE) and The Gay Liberation Front, both fighting for equality with the former being known to have began to fight for legalisation in 1964, but changing its name in 1969. Both groups campaigned for equality and both groups slowly made way for newer fresher groups in the 1980’s, such as Stonewall UK that’s original aim was to fight against Section 28.

Want to know more about Section 28, then please take a look at


As time went on other support groups began to take hold, no doubt based on its American blue prints The London gay switchboard was formed and is the oldest gay and lesbian telephone helpline in the UK, founded is 1974 it is thought to receive more than 30,000 callers per year. It was set out to listen and help people without making judgements, long before the internet. It now boasts a data base of LGBT organisations online.
The organisation won The Queens award for Voluntary Service in 2008 and in 2014 The Queen acknowledged its 40th anniversary, which is the first time she has recognised a LGBT organisation in any way


Above – The 1972 March, please zoom in on the signs as they are revealing to the mindset of the time.

Although there had been a couple of previous marches for gay rights, the most significant and the one that led to the ultimate path towards the Pride Marches of today in London  was on 1 July 1972. The date  was chosen as it was the closest Saturday to the Stonewall riots of 1969.  Two thousand people turned out.

UK saw a vast change to Pride events when the LGBT family began to protest because of Section 28 in 1988.

Later the fight for equality was a goal for many of the lgbt organisations


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