End the veto

Northern Ireland equality in marriage veto

I was asked by someone who follows me in America to explain what was happening in Northern Ireland in regards of marriage equality

Lets remember this is not about gay marriage, but equality for everyone to have the same rights!


It must be pretty confusing for anyone in another country who thinks all of the UK have the same laws. We don’t! Some laws are brought into power by the regional assemblies.

Another good example of such a law is Scotland’s law on Sunday trading is not as strict as the rest of the UK. Think of it like some States in America have different laws on employment.

Northern Ireland is the only place in the UK that does not have marriage equality.

Northern Ireland is historically religious, just as Eire is. The DUP is the favoured choice for the Protestants/unionists population.

When the Northern Ireland assembly was set up in order to protect the minority parties a clause was placed, which meant a party could veto a vote if the majority of the party members didn’t vote in favour of the legislation.


In November 2015 for the Fifth time the bill was submitted to the assembly to put forward marriage equality.

The result was a majority.

However using the veto that was designed to protect minorities in Northern Ireland, The DUP, the largest party in Northern Ireland used this joker.


This graph shows how the seats are distributed,

If you need something to compare The DUP against, just look at GOP and you can see the issue.

This party does have a history of blaming the LGBT Community for anything from floods to AIDS, so its easy to understand that this stale mate will not end anytime soon, unless we act on it.


After all why should our LGBT family in Ireland not have the same rights as the rest of the UK?

Remember marriage is about personal choice & personal beliefs. Should it be affected by other people’s beliefs?


I wrote the article below last year about the history of marriage, when things were kicking off in America. Please read and please note marriage didn’t begin as anything religious but often for strategy and business. Lets not allow this to continue for strategy and other people’s feelings, but that of the individuals that wish to marry.


The DUP have now began to block campaigners on Twitter and Facebook, so unwilling to listen to the voices of others.


Its kind of ironic considering the idea of the veto was to protect minorities and yet is being used by the major party in Northern Ireland.

So please sign the petition.



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