Asexual Pride Flags. 

There are a few Asexual flags to represent varying parts of the community.​

The general umbrella Asexual Flag was required because of the need that other symbols didn’t represent the full community and so the asexual websites launched a search for a flag that represents  all.

This design avoids the unwanted connotations that specific symbols like a triangle or heart might have, it avoids any hint of national affiliation, and perhaps most importantly, it fits in with the striped designs of most  of the LGBT communities flags.

The purple represents the community.

The Black represents asexuals. 

Grey represents Gray-a’s.

White is for the sexuality. 

It was first posted in June 2010 on the AVEN website.

Aromatic and their flag. 

Aromantic describes a person who not only feels they are asexual but doesn’t experience any romantic attraction. Naturally this varies from person to person and they may or may not desire any form of relationship and it falls down to the individual.

Green: aromantics Yellow: Lithros Grey: Grey-aros Black; demiromantics

Green: it’s the opposite of red which is common romantic colour Yellow: yellow roses represent friendship Orange: in between yellow and red. Black: reject traditional ideas of romance

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