Can you write a gender-free story?


He’s Gone, featuring trans woman detective inspector Robyn Bailley, was published on 1 August 2016. To celebrate, you can win a signed first edition.

Write a story which has no references to gender in 500 words or below. To give you some inspiration, an example is below. Submit your entries via Twitter by midnight Friday 28/07/17. A shortlist of three will be judged by authors Alex Clare and Ms Vicki, with the final winner selected by Darren Marples of @pridematters. 

The winner and shortlisted entries will be published on @pridematters.

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Present Tense

‘It wasn’t what I expected at all.’

‘Happy anniversary. You asked for some underwear, so I got you some.’

‘You actually went into a shop and bought this?’

‘No way. I got it online.’

‘Ah. So you didn’t see it before you bought it?’

‘I looked at the pictures. And I checked in the drawer to make sure I got your size right. See, I do think of these things.’

‘I’ve now got this image of you snooping through my things. OK, look, good for checking but didn’t you think when you looked through that I’ve got nothing else like this?’

‘That’s why I thought it would be good. Something a bit different. You do like it, don’t you?’
‘I’m just wondering how on earth I get into it?’

‘Oh, there was a video on the site to show you. Well, actually it was to show you how to get out of it but I’m sure you just do things in reverse.’

‘This video – did it have music to it?’

‘Yes, it did actually. It was really tastefully done.’

‘And you enjoyed watching someone else stripping so much, you bought me the outfit?’

‘Yes – you’ll look great in it. You’ve got a much better body than them. Not sure you could get your legs up that high though… Ow – what was that for? I buy you what you ask for and you hit me, that’s not fair.’

‘No, life isn’t. Here’s your present.’

‘Hmm. It’s big and square, it’s a book. It’s a book on healthy eating.’

‘You know what? Maybe next year, we just go out?”

Good luck!


Entries must be your own original work and in English.Stories must be 500 words or under, including titles and any footnotes or other explanations of the text (though excluding the covering email). Stories over 500 words will not be considered.You may enter as many stories as you like. Each story must be sent as a separate direct message to @MeresbourneNews.Emails must be received by midnight, 28/07/17 to be considered.By entering, you consent to your story being published with credit given to you but without payment.The judges’ decision is final.