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Interview with Hijra film makers.

By Darren Marples. Edited by Tom Wiese. I managed to catch up with a film maker who is in the process of setting up a documentary about the Hijra folk in India. Hijra-Trans sex workers getting ready for work Could you please introduce yourself: I’m Ila Mehrotra Jenkins, I’m the director of the documentary HIJRA.… Continue reading Interview with Hijra film makers.

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​Call me by my pronoun

By @_AlexandraClare Pronouns are some of the most commonly-used words both in literature and conversation. They are defined as a word that replaces a noun, used to avoid repetition – I recommended a book to my friend because I thought she would enjoy it. We assimilate the sense without caring that the order of the elements… Continue reading ​Call me by my pronoun

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Why you shouldn’t have to worry about embracing some of your bisexuality. 

​By @cduffy1999 Bisexual women I can guess most of us bisexuals have at some point experienced one of the following statements/questions. “Yeah but how do you know”“You’ll come out gay eventually”“It’s a phase”And my personal favorite…“That’s just you being greedy” Haha I’m just dying of laughter cause yes totally accurate. *sarcasm But at the same… Continue reading Why you shouldn’t have to worry about embracing some of your bisexuality. 

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What are you Questioning?

What are you questioning? Your gender identity? Your sexual preference? The meaning of life? Let’s break it down…. It doesn’t matter how old or young we are, at some point we will become curious (which is another word for questioning) about our: gender, sexuality, personality, identity – place in the world. This can at times… Continue reading What are you Questioning?