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​Call me by my pronoun

By @_AlexandraClare Pronouns are some of the most commonly-used words both in literature and conversation. They are defined as a word that replaces a noun, used to avoid repetition – I recommended a book to my friend because I thought she would enjoy it. We assimilate the sense without caring that the order of the elements… Continue reading ​Call me by my pronoun

Interview with LGBT+

Interview with the creator of a non binary film. 

Interviewed by @pridematters1 ​Hello Max, Thanks for doing this interview with me. Firstly tell me about yourself and how you personally identity.  Hi Darren. It’s my pleasure! Thank YOU for setting this interview up. I was born and raised in Tampa, Florida. My mom is a marriage and family therapist and my dad is an… Continue reading Interview with the creator of a non binary film. 

My thoughts

Are you carrying the cure or the disease? 

By @pridematters1 There is a disease out there, like no other! It doesn’t require doctors to find a cure, but huminaty to implement the cure that they have inside. It alienates its ‘targets’, changing their lives, destroying their existence and sometimes killing them. There is a cure. The government’s who have recognised the disease have… Continue reading Are you carrying the cure or the disease?