Who is Max Pride? 


My name is Max Pride I am the ambassador of Pride matters, my face consists of the nine colours of the original freedom flag, remembering the history of the lgbt+ movement and all of it’s heroes. 

May we never forget them.

Each of my colours supports each group within the family, including our heterosexual allies, showing everyone is included in our family. 

It should be no importance to you who I am, but every importance to myself to be myself.

My features do not always connect to each other but are united as one, forming the alliances we need when fighting for the same laws and attitudes everyone else in the world, no matter who they are and where they live.

The black outline is to show respect to our fallen from past prejudices, epidemics and ongoing prejudices that have taken many of our family.

May they never be forgotten.

My face is transparent and is often seen on different backgrounds, to reflect I have no Borders or have no race.

We should show no prejudice against others and fight prejudices together. 

My face and name also reflects I am genderless, you can see me as anyone, because that is who I am, everyone and it is of no importance to you who I am but every importance to myself to be myself.

I am Max Pride and I am proud of who I am and what I stand for.

With thanks from the many who have contributed to this amazing project. 

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